Sunday, November 04, 2012

Maggie May

So there's a song that I ended up listening to yesterday after many years. For some reason I haven't really paid attention to Suzanne Vega for quite a while. She is one of my favourite musicians and there was a time, may be a whole year when I barely heard anything other than her songs. I love her. I love the grace in her voice. Her songs are vulnerable and yet her words so strong. (I'll never be) Your Maggie May is a beautiful song. I don't know if one would call it beautiful, I mean it's very matter of fact and that's another thing that I love about Suzanne Vega. Her songs say things that are loaded with emotion but she says them in the sweetest way possible. I would love to hear her say,"Fuck you" to a man. I mean it would probably sound like she was giving the man a compliment. Again I love the woman. So here's Maggie May a song inspired by another song sung by Rod Stewart apparently. I haven't heard the Rod Stewart song. She talks about it in the beginning of the video and she is a such a witty woman and you can see that the audience can't get enough of her. I wish I could play the guitar just so I could sing her songs but unfortunately I will never be a musician. I can sing a bit in the car and that will have to suffice in this life. In the next one I want to stand alone on a small stage and sing lovely lyrics accompanied by an old guitar. Finally here's Maggie May the one you loved and then forgot.

(I'll never be) Your Maggie May - Suzanne Vega

I'll never be your Maggie May
the one you loved and left behind
the face you see in light of day
and then you cast away
that isn't me in that bed you'll find

I'd rather take myself away
be like those ladies in Japan
I'd rather paint myself a face
conjure up some grace
or be the eyes behind a fan

And so you go
no girl could say no
to you

There's the way I may appear
but that will change from day to night
could you ever see within?
underneath the skin?
could I believe you had that sight?

And so you go
no girl could say no
to you

I'll never be your Maggie May
the one you loved and then forgot
I'll love you first and let you go
because it must be so
and you'll forgive or you will not

And so a woman leaves a man
and so the world turns on it's end
so I'll see your face in dreams
where nothing's what it seems
still you appear some kind of friend

And so you go
no girl could say no
to you

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