Monday, November 05, 2012

Lunch at Jones

So Anshuman took me out for lunch to Jones the grocer, a welcome break from the day. It's a good day and we ended up having identical meals. Seafood linguini and cremebrulee for dessert. I also had an impossibly thick and strong mocha. Love love love! I loved this picture of him which I instantly instagrammed. He has gorgeous eyes! Twelve years and he still makes my heart melt. People in his office see him as someone very serious and stern and business like but with me he is so the opposite. Not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh. He has such an incredible sense of humour and such amazing love for life. Sometimes I wonder how he always stays so positive and so peaceful even when things aren't going so great around him. I was singing today,"I'll never be your Maggie May." So he asked me about the song and I gave him the whole story about how it was a song by Rod Stewart and Maggie May was this older woman that he fell in love with but then he left her because he wanted to go back to school or make a living playing pool. How he looked at the sun shining on her face which was showing her age and he woke her up and told her that the sun was shining in her face and it was showing her age. How Suzanne wondered how Maggie felt? Did she feel sad or happy or did she go out with other younger men? So I'll never be your Maggie May is a song in response to the song by Rod Stewart. SO my husband smiled and said to me,"I'm going to write a song called,'I'll never be your Rod Stewart." I burst out laughing! While coming back to my office he kept singing," I'm gonna be your Maggie May' and when I corrected him he replied,"Thank you very much, I like it my way." That's Anshuman Kishore for you. He likes it his way.

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