Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Been waiting to proof the magazine and in the meantime Santa arrived early with a little present from Lush. Like everyone else I love presents and opening them with a sense of excitement is the best part. Lush always send their newspaper filled with their amazing products and their gifts a;ways smell so divine. I love little bells attached to the ribbon around the festive packaging.

When I opened the box it seemed to be filled with colourful foam but that wasn't the gift thankfully. It reminded me of that scene in "love actually' where Rowan Atkinson is packing up the gold necklace and takes ages while the husband is scared the wife will come back any second and catch him buying a present for the sort of mistress. It was hilarious.

And here are the lovely gifts. Snow fairy shower gel and soap. And a sort of soap which puts loads of glitter on your skin till you look like a disco ball. So I gave away all of it and felt a little bit like Santa myself minus the beard :) Oh look I made a smiley :) Oh look I made another one :) Oh look I can't stop! Hahahaha!

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