Monday, November 05, 2012


So I'm not supposed to wear lenses for two weeks. So here's a picture of the nerdy kaddu. It's strange that when you're wearing glasses you don't feel the need to put on make up hence your face takes on a weird reddish hue right in the center making you look as though you have a perpetual cold when in fact you don't. That's it.
Recently I've discovered instagram so this image has been thoroughly instagrammed. It's easier when you're as bad at photoshop as I am. My friends and teachers at the venerable design school I went to will vouch for that.
All in all it's a good day with a morning coffee catch up meeting with Sam. The theme of the next issue needs to be decided. It's funny how after 25 issues every theme seems to be something similar to something we've already done. 

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