Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday afternoon

I felt like taking pictures of my little one today. Anshuman has gone for a business quiz. He's quite the brilliant quizzer. I hope he wins! I heard some of his music today and I actually quite liked it though aside from Led Zepplin I didn't recognise anyone else. He quizzed me about music and movies and I did very badly. Not that I care, I'm not the quizzer in the family. So here we are on a quiet and peaceful Friday afternoon in the company of the laziest little dog in the world. Sometimes I think she is willing to forego a meal because it's too much effort to chew her food. If she could have her way I would be literally feeding her from my palm every day. Lazy girl.

Here she is happily sleeping on the sofa. Sometimes I'm amazed at how much she can sleep. Sometimes she even makes sweet noises while asleep and I'm sure she is dreaming about fields of tender chicken. That's making me hungry. So I continued reading the Norse myths and I have to say most of them are very gory. The vikings were a violent people. They are interesting nevertheless and I like how Goddesses cry tears of gold. I worked a little bit on the embroidery but it's going too slow. I think everything moves slowly on a Friday afternoon. Not that I'm complaining. I like slow and easy.

I put Ninna on a chair and she promptly fell asleep yet again. The only time she seems to come alive is when Anshuman comes anywhere within a foot of me. SHe jumps into action and tries to 'protect' me from the big bad monster Papa. She's so funny. It's been a lovely afternoon and I'm enjoying the sunlight filtering in through the curtains and the shadow of the neem tree slowly undulating in the gentle breeze. All is well with my world.

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