Sunday, May 27, 2012

Love the morning sun

A couple of months ago I banged the new Pajero into a van at the signal just before I got home. I think the car was about one or two months old. The insurance claim system is a bit complicated so we waited till we had the time to go through the process and a few weeks ago we managed. A few weeks ago at the same signal a Lebanese fellow banged the car from behind. So the point is that the car has been in the workshop for the past week and will remain to be so for the next week as well therefore I have to take a cab everywhere. Anshuman refuses to let me drive his office car for even going to the mall which is five minutes away. I miss listening to music in the car and I miss driving. I miss my car so badly.

The above picture was taken in the cab this morning on my way to work. I love the morning sun especially when you can sit in an air conditioned vehicle with your wayfarers on!

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soulitude said...

Parul, her wayfarers and the morning sun! :) Sweet pic!