Wednesday, May 02, 2012

live and love forever!

It's been the longest time since I wrote anything on the blog. Yeah I post pictures and say random things related to them but that's not really writing. But then again is writing a blog really writing. I think it is. Certainly it is a space for expression which gives you a certain amount of freedom to say anything you want without worrying too much about what anyone is going to think when they read it. Honestly I've reached a stage where I'm past caring what anyone thinks about what I write or post of my blog. I've made it entirely my own, for my own consumption and not anyone else's. In any case I don't think anyone comes here any more aside from my very loyal sweet friend in far away Bombay. Love her to bits.

So this one's for you Shilpa. My friend through thick and thin. I have sometimes written about people in my life and with the exception of a few "characters" I have loved all of them. The best kind of people I have found are those whose essence lies simply in love. Life and the universe can be particularly hard for these people as life sculpts them with a special chisel and hammer that hurt but when their features and the beautiful lines begin to appear you can clearly see the love with which the artist carved out her work of art.

There are times when you look at the skies and ask, "Why? Why me?". The answer is so simple it almost sounds stupid. "You? Why you? Because you're special." Special people must suffer and yet never lose their essence that is love, kindness and forgiveness. Not just in relation to others but in relation to one's own self. Special people must continue to believe, must move past hurdles, obstacles, negativity, circumstances, strange people and the sheer triumph of finding the true glimpse of life in a small moment is their reward. Not that you have to live life for the rewards. If you can just embrace the vastness of this journey and take a moment while stuck in traffic and look at a lovely face or the way light falls through buildings- it's your reward for having lived without losing your essence.

And that's you Ms Shilpa Raheja. Your essence is love and there is no bigger power in the universe. The rewards may seem small but many universes of life live in very very small moments. So live and love forever!


soulitude said...

For once I dont have words and thats rather unusual for me is'nt it :) I am truly overwhelmed for all that you have written here! I have read it once and I know I will read it again and again not only because its so profound but also because I need to remind myself of the "love" that you talk about and actually live that love on a daily basis! Thank you my darling :) Love you 2 n 3 n 4, always and forever!

Bhawna Sehra said...

Its not true that nobody comes to your blog. You are firmly established in my google reader and I frequently visit it. Its true that you have not posted much content in your unique n witty writing style but what the heck, Its your blog, you can do whatever you want. I enjoy it nevertheless.

Bhawna Sehra said...

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Parul Gahlot said...

Thanks for coming by Bhavna :)