Tuesday, May 29, 2012


There are two projects that are in incubation stage in my life right now and I'm equally excited about both. I can't talk about either because then it would be premature but I feel serious labor pains sometimes. I just want to share how happy and excited I am about both of them. One will be delivered in October and the other has been incubating for the past five years and is taking longer than an elephant's baby to finish getting ready to be delivered. Both will be like children to me needless to say after all the pregnancy metaphors that have already been used.

This is such an exciting time vis a vis work and dreams and ambition. The thing lacking in me sometimes is the self discipline needed to work on a project that is both personal and needs an amazing amount of creativity even if I say so myself. If I wrote a page everyday I might be able to finish some time next year. A page a day is not really that hard when you think about it but writing a page that can keep me interested is very hard sometimes. Writing is such a fluid process. Sometimes it flows and sometimes all you can do is hit the delete button every five minutes.

The thing is even when you have a skeleton, a definite structure things don't always go your way. People in stories have a habit of walking away from the page, the screen, the keyboard, the pen and finding things that they think are more interesting. No matter how much you try to coax them to walk on the path that you want them to they seem to develop a will of their own and all you can do is succumb to the pressure of imaginary people. It's a difficult process but at the same time it is an amazing process. The sheer fear you feel before you begin again and assign a character to feel a certain emotion, make them take a journey, the people they meet, the people they like, ones they don't like, their history can make them do things you didn't think they were capable of. You scratch your head and ask why did she do that? And a piece of the character's history reveals itself.

The inanimate things have an equal role to play. Sometimes the weather is benign and at other times it pours all over your protagonist and sends a shiver up your spine. It's magical this journey of the imagination. A journey that is born of tiny bits of the real world but mostly is a fantasy that insists on having a life of it's own, it's own unique path. I love it. I'm so damn excited!

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