Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And the morning gets better

So you might be wondering why I'm suddenly so regular on the blog. It's a guilt response for not working on my dream project. No not really. Sometimes I just feel like saying something and the blog is the best space available as I can write any crap and not worry about it. OK I've said that before.

The morning just got better and I'll tell you how. But first of all I feel like making smileys so often on the blog and I literally have to stop my fingers. It's all the chatting lingo that annoys me to no end sometimes. Back to the morning, actually it's already almost 2 in the afternoon and I'm happy happy happy. The reason being a great cup of mocha from Starbucks my absolute fave. The process of going there in itself was pretty funny.

So as those of you who read my blog (exactly one and a half people) know that my car is in the workshop. This Monday Claudia's (assistant editor) car also started sounding like a helicopter and had to be sent to the shop. Teresa (fashion and beauty editor) doesn't have a car and relies on cabs. She is the only person I know who manages to catch a cab on Sheikh Zayed Road where the traffic is speeding at 100 km/hr. So I was hit with the bright idea of having a coffee. So I asked Joe(web editor) if he would take me to Starbucks but he was busy as hell. Then I asked Sam(MD) if she could take me to Starbucks but she was busy as sin but she insisted that I take her car which is actually her mom's car which she borrows on a regular basis. The next logistical problem arose when I remembered that I don't know where the closest Starbucks is so I asked Claudia to drive me there. I thought I would buy her a coffee as a thank you. When we got to Starbucks Claudia said she brought a thermos of coffee from home. What a sweetheart because she decided to drive me anyway.

So I finally got my tall mocha, picked up a tall latte for Teresa and consumed my coffee in about three seconds when I got back to the office. And now I'm happy and my fingers are flying on the keyboard. I love my office and I'm tempted to make three happy smileys but I will resist and I want to write the infamous "LOL" but again I will resist. I am the queen of resistance and caffeine high.

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