Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sushmita and I

This picture was taken when I was about 14 years old. That girl with me is Sushmita. She's the same age as me or may be a year younger and now lives in Bengaluru. So this was clicked at a neighour's house. This Aunty who had a son and a daughter. I remember her son very well. He was about 6 years old then and the devil himself. He would go to the market and if he wasn't given exactly what he wanted when he wanted it he would lie on the floor and scream till the hapless woman simply had to give in. He is also the only boy who I ever saw eating Parle G biscuits dipped in water. He regularly flunked his classes while his little sister regularly stood at the top of her class. Sometimes I wonder why that was... may be it was the regular thrashings he got from his dad. Who knows.

Sushmita and I met when she moved to Mayur Vihar with her family and joined my school. We were great friends and spent a lot of good times together. I think I spent a better part of my childhood and teens in her house. Our moms are great friends to this day. She has the coolest mother. I remember we used to play Table Tennis on her dining table. Once we had a big fight while playing. Voices were raised in anger and her mom sat peacefully and waited for us to sort out our own problems. She never interfered. I loved that about her. Will need to talk a bit more about her but another time.

So coming back to the picture. This dress was also one of my favourites and I wore it for the longest time. Those big white ear rings are plastic clip ons. I think I had them in almost all colours possible!! And although you can't see it I'm probably wearing my mother's HMT watch. I loved that watch. This journey backwards is just so sweet.


soulitude said...

Its a lovely pic and u look so tomboyish :) This one took me down my memory lane as well! We always played TT on our dining table! It was sweet and funny. We wud put two steel bowls in the middle on either corner and then a stick on top of them and wud cover the whole stick with hand towels. And that was our NET!!! :) What fun days! And btw I have heard so much about the taste of Parle G dipped in water and there are people who swear that its way better than the biki dipped in tea. I love the latter and have never had the guts to try the former :)

Parul Gahlot said...

I just graduated to long flowy skirts which have now sobered down to long pencil skirts appropriate for work :) I still wish I could wear frocks though! Of course at the expense of looking ridiculous!

Parul Gahlot said...

How can ANYONE eat biscuits dipped in water??