Thursday, April 19, 2012

The yellow dress

So let me introduce you to Parul Gahlot 16 years old in her favourite dress.This yellow chiffon dress was my favourite for the longest time. I remember there was a very sweet Sikh lady who used to make these dresses. She made quite a few similar ones for me but this was my favourite and if I remember correctly my mother loved it too. So I'm 16 years old and I've come to collect my admission ticket for my board exam which is why I'm standing outside the administrative block at the end of the ramp daintily holding the leaf of the tree.

 I remember I had a friend much older than me who was married and had a kid. He invited me to a party at his home and I wore this dress. I remember it had a lovely big bow at the back and the front was adorned with embroidered chiffon flowers in the same colour. How I loved this dress. I hope my mother still has it. So coming back to the party this friend of mine introduced me to his guests as Miss Apeejay School. I was in 10th standard and I flustered at that false introduction but nevertheless felt quite happy. It was the first party I ever went to and had a lovely time dancing with my friend's five year old son who was allowed to stay up as late as he liked.

Sigh... how I miss being 16 sometimes and going to my first party and insisting on getting back home at 9:30. Now I can stay out as late as I want but there's no yellow dress with a bow and flowers and I'm two decades older than this girl in the picture. But that's a good thing nevertheless!


UknowMe said...

At least you carried yourself well when you were 16. Your hair is done up well too. All I remember was tied oily hair and the chubby li'l me at 16.

soulitude said...

Again took me back to my childhood. The frocks that I wore and the ones that I loved. When I was younger or rather quite young I wore everything from bows, frills, polka dots and the whole variety of them all! Slowly I remember coming to a point where I hated bows and frills! I guess that was a sign of 'growing up'! Then there was a phase where I only wanted Black n White, be it a frock, a dress, a nighty! My mother was so fed up of me and to her good fortune that phase actually ended! :)

Parul Gahlot said...

I love frocks :) when you have a daughter I will give her lots of frilly frocks with big bows :)