Thursday, April 05, 2012

Happy happy happy

and then there are days that are just amazingly happy, filled with sunshine and a lovely brilliance. i love such days. On such days happy songs like 'Rio' should be sung along with. These are the days when you just have to blast the car stereo and pull your windows down and hope to annoy a few people. Or go to the mall and smile at harried people running after their kids. I know that one is a bit mean but well intentioned nevertheless. I love kids as a matter of fact and I love them in the malls especially. They have no care in the world and the whole world is a kaleidoscope of sounds and colours to be explored and preferably touched or kept in the mouth.

Some mothers are ultra cool though I have to say. I saw one standing by and watching her one and a half year old wiping the floor with his palms and having a great time of it. I did stop and ask the boy (it had to be a boy) what he was doing and he gave me a gummy smile which clearly said, "I have no idea but I like doing it" so 10 on 10 to the mom for patiently standing by and waiting for her beloved sun to finish mucking up his hands so that she could take him to the restroom and get them washed clean. And hope that they will remain clean for a decent length of time.

Then there was this little girl all of three or four years old who was wearing shorts and cowboy boots and walking around like she owned the place. Such amazing attitude at such a young age. I walked behind her for a while just to observe how completely adorable she was.

So coming back to the subject of happy days. I think I'm also happy because the magazine has been sent to print and it's a fairly easy day. And my evening is set with a cricket match, tea and cookies, sugarless ofcourse. Recently I was diagnosed with diabetes so all sugary sweet stuff is out. I'm so sweet I was bound to get diabetes sooner or later. Damn sad joke. But I like it nonetheless. Why? cos it's a happy happy day!!

Go find someone to smile with!


soulitude said...

Really nice! Especially the kids part! I laooooooooo the kids! They can bring a smile to my face on my worst days :) They just have it in them! Wish all ur days are always happy filled with sunshine and joy :) U have susha lovely smiling face and I always want to see that smile, now and forever!

Parul Gahlot said...

Thanks Shilpa :) you're such a big part of the joys in my life!