Monday, April 09, 2012

dusts of time

they can soothe you or get in your eyes. Time is such an unusual creature. Philosophers and scientists have poured over books and experimented with it and yet I doubt that they've come to any definite understanding of the beast we call time. Time tends to decrease the value of certain things and increase the value of others. The interesting thing is that the same holds true of people.

Sometimes a friendship begins with a singular spark and you feel at ease and incredibly uncomfortable with the other person in turns. As time goes by sometimes the comfort wins and sometimes the element of space walks in stealthily and before you realise it the relationship becomes unnecessary, even defunct.

Sometimes you are responsible for introducing the space and sometimes the other person. The worst is when the other person is trying to cut across the natural progression of time, space and death of the association. Then pressure comes in to play 'nice'. The pressure of being 'nice'. Should you be nice? or shouldn't you be nice? There is a certain secret pleasure in being the object of desire but it is transitory and at the end of a usually stipulated period of time has passed by all that you are left with is an annoying feeling of being annoyed.

In the other scenario which is normally responsible for the creation of our all time favourite songs the space is introduced by the other person. Suddenly space becomes a gargantuan thing you cannot seem to cross and time becomes your worst enemy. Under these circumstances you apply pressure on the other person sometimes without even realising it. The space increases and interaction time decreases. A few tears are shed. Gods are cursed. The other person is cursed. His or her generations to come are cursed. And then the most beautiful character of the beast I have come to love takes over.

No matter how much you try you are unable to change what time does to you. And if you're even a little bit wise you understand that this is the whole point of living through time.

You are not playing with your time. Time is playing with you. The good thing is He is a tender beast and even though you don't realise it, He is holding you very very close to his heart full of old love songs and many many joys.


soulitude said...

Nice! Totally from the heart, :)

Parul Gahlot said...

Thank you Shilpaaaaaaaaaaa!!