Tuesday, March 27, 2012

moving on

and the bird thought
'I wish I was a spider'
weaving intricate, slow impossible webs
and as she wished
the tears made tracks on dusty leaves
the sun so merciless burnt soft wings
the trees began lowering towards the earth
and she sat there and thought
'I wish I wanted to fly away'
and as the angels passed by
some stardust fell from their palms
and she transformed
into a creature with black spindly legs
and she earnestly began
to weave a web
and then she waited for seven years
some people sometimes were entangled
and she asked them
'Would you like to stay?'
and when they said no
she let them go
and when she got tired
the angels passed by again
and she asked
'Is my web not good enough?'
'Sparrows can't be spiders little one.'
They said.
The stardust fell again
Her exquisite web became her gossamer wings
She joined the angels
and moved on

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soulitude said...

Beautiful my Luls! :)