Monday, January 02, 2012


so many days of the year gone by have left the premises
so many days will occur again and bring with them the gift of deja vu
so many days will speak unnecessarily of things having outlived themselves
so many days will wait with tired eyes for that day to eventually arrive

so many days will walk on to this road with suitcases of joys carefully locked
so many days I will fumble with three key chains confused amidst each other
so many days will write beautiful words over and over again
so many days will write aching words may be once and for all

so many days will tire themselves hearing the same song that no longer is
so many days will be spent sharpening pencils to the bone
so many days will remain in love with darknesses of dreams
so many days will lie through their teeth and keep their eyes quiet

So many days will continue to end.


soulitude said...

Heart warming and wrenching at the same time! Endings also pave the way for new beginings and a renewed hope of better things to come! The old has its place and will always remain as cherished moments. Yet at the same time the new comes with its own promise! Wishing for u the best in 2012 and everything that ur heart truly yearns for!

Bhawna said...

Beautiful! Done want to spoil the aftertaste by adding any more adjectives.