Thursday, April 14, 2011

the difficulty of happiness

Yes it's a known fact that happiness is difficult, moody, eccentric and sometimes kind and abundant. In the last few days that have been more difficult than most I have realised that I was happy most of the time. The happiness rarely comes from the things that I pursue everyday. It does sometimes, but rarely. Most of the time it comes from an inner place that I feel connected to. This place is like a garden where my dreams and hopes and desires live and are nurtured by the people who truly love me and myself. It is a place which brings complete emotional security that is a product of sheer love and hope. It has very little to do with the daily circle of actions and reactions of the physical life.
Last few days have been so interesting because I could have been feeling rather sad most of the time but I wasn't. I felt as though I was connected to my inner life, my inner happiness and a vision of a future in which I saw happiness as more or less a permanent resident. I could preach to you and tell you that everyone has this inner place within themselves. Honestly, I don't know. And moreover even though I have found this place, it is not easy to keep in touch with this thing we call happiness. Like I said it is difficult and an illusion. An illusion that can sometimes define your future itself. So today when you look at someone you love remember to tell them this,"Thank you for living in my inner garden of happiness."
And yet, it's so difficult this happiness. Sometimes you can swim to the core of your soul and not find it. Sometimes it bursts forth like a spring through your being.


Shilpa said...

I know what u mean..... this comes to me in spurts :) its an amzing feeling when u can connect to it! beautifully written as usual :) i love ur flow and ur words itselg suggest ur connection with that beautiful inner garden.... keep watering it ;) love u!

Nirmal said...

Great! i am so happy. The master of the inner garden is your 'self' which being a part of the 'Cosmic Self' or 'Super Self' is pure, pristine white; little wonder you experienced rare happiness. After all one can give only what he has and the 'self' being consciousness with no ego is always happy hence it distributes happiness.

The wise say that searching within through meditation and pranayaam opens a chest of happiness; all yours. i don't know who saw it but surely even an illusion of it is worth having. It will be greatly satisfying? And may be it will lead us to the right path. am sure it will demand hard work, discipline and character; not something one could have through a lottery.

Count your blessings. God Bless,