Friday, August 27, 2010

been a long time

I've been so caught up with watching television and using the ipod to check my mail that just haven't got around to blogging for the longest time. But the fact is that I want to write and very badly so I make a solemn promise that I will write regularly. In fact will try to write a few lines at least everyday.
Today I'm writing on my spanking new Dell laptop that my father gifted me. He is an extremely generous man and his daughters take advantage of that fact whenever possible and honestly he doesn't even mind.
I haven't written in so long that my typing speed is considerably low and my fingertips are tingling and my arms hurt.Really I promise to write everyday. I have to! My fingers are buzzing honest!
So what have I been doing all this time? Everytime I ask myself that question it leaves me very confused. I spend time as though life is going to last forever. Staring out of the window and thinking about alternative realities satisfies me greatly. The one thing I have started doing is learning French. My teacher is an old Frenchwoman who wears a tie for a belt and matching shoes.She has her own sense of style and she is a very good teacher although I am far from an ideal student as I never get around to memorising the various verbs. I make excellent tables and organise information beautifully but when it comws to remembering it the light bulb goes off. How did I ever pass out of school I have no idea.
So to the one and a half people who read my blog. I'm back baby!


Anonymous said...

hiya gawjus!!

Parul Gahlot said...

who you??

pappu poppins said...

hey, ur back :)

s said...

hey babes.. am so glad u write.. cos u write straite from ur heart/soul! :) if anythin this post of urs shud inspire me to blog myself.... im very ashamed that iv created a blog cple yrs ago and have 0-1 posts on it , lol........

i hope i stop procrastinating now :)