Monday, December 22, 2008

The Leo Burnett pencil

For the first time I stole. A Leo Burnett pencil in office. I have also 'borrowed' a notepad, eraser and a blade. In my defence I need these things and they are all over the office. I had to 'borrow' them because I had already requested my boss to give me the Leo Burnett Notebook which he did so I felt stupid asking for a pencil. So I took someone else's. Again in my defence that person had three of them.
I love this fat black pencil with it's smooth dark lead. It is such a pleasure to write with it that I have filled several pages of the big notepad. I am not a genius so amazing things to write about are hard to come by so I write the songs that I listen to. Since I know all the lyrics I try to race with the singer and as you can imagine I always lose in the end because there's no way I can write as fast as Mark Knopfler sings.
I am trying to improve my handwriting which has greatly suffered since I switched to computers. I used to have a good handwriting and now it's not half bad, as in half of it is actually good and then for some inexplicable reason it changes and become illegible. I enjoy it anyway, the physical act of writing is somehow always so soothing.
Love the pencil. Would steal it again if I had to.


Anil P said...

There's a pleasure to writing with a pencil. Must get back to it. It has something elemental to it, maybe it's the wood.

Gazal said...

(@anil..looks like i have compt here parul.)


you had a wonderful writing atleast till school and then came he computer..sigh.

you know i am addicted to Mark Knopfler now....all thanks to you.

i love the woody smell of the pencil.

Parul Gahlot said...

@Anil- Thanks for coming by my blog

@Gazal- I am so glad that you are addicted to Mark Knopfler :) He's worth it!

monicaconeme said...

I´m dying to get one of those. They only give it to Leo´s employees? or how does it work?
In which Leo Burnett are you working?
I worked @ Latinworks in Austin, TX for a few years. Copywriter, too.

Greetings from Monterrey, Mexico.