Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The last day

This is a time to think about resolutions but I nver make any based on the premise that I rarely keep promises made to myself. I just do things one fine day and it's never on the new year. This last year has seen so many positive changes for us. We moved into our own house, bought our first car, anshuman won a quiz for the second year in a row and most important of all I got a job I love.
For the first time I feel a little sad seeing this year end. I've been so happy in it. I want this happiness to spill over and double itself in the new year. I sometimes feel that's too much to ask...will things continue the way they are or there will be daunting challenges to be face. Either ways I am as ready as I will ever be for the future to unfold.
As a tradition on this blog. I will thank the people who have made this year so worthwhile. My mother for talking to me even when there's nothing much to say. My father for his infectious joy. My sister for fighting with circumstances so gracefully. Papa Kishore for being a constant source of encouragement. Anna and Mukul for all their love. Ninna for being the best little dog in the whole world.
All my friends in Dubai for their companionship and generous hospitality. Zaid my boss for making work so enriching. Gazal for her consistent comments and deep friendship. Swasti for being far yet so close.
Last but not the least Anshuman, for being my best friend, lover and fellow traveller in life.
So thank you all for making this year one of the best I have ever had. At the end of this post I feel uplifted and not so sad after all as I realise I am taking you all with me to the next year.

Happy new year!

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Gazal said...

I can't thank you enough...

and i shouldn't isn't it?

happy new year !!!