Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am in Dubai. Came to work like a good girl and have done some little work. the weather outside is beautiful, not too warm and not too cold so you can't decide whether you should wear a jacket or not. My boss is playing guitar with a colleague on bongos. I know that sounds strange but it's the truth. I should probably offer to do a belly dance but I will settle for Inxs on itunes. I might have to stay here late today, proofreading and signing releases. Sounds like bad sex. It's actually worse.
I love John Irving's books. I've read all of them with the exception of 'The imaginary girlfriend' and 'the 52 pound marriage' ( that's what it's called I think) Yesterday there was a movie on TV based on one of his books called 'A prayer for Owen Meany' The movie is called 'Simon Birch' I really liked the book and kind of like the movie. A movie rarely manages to get the essence of the book. Few exceptions are Godfather, Good intentions, Kiterunner and some others i can't remember right now.
New development in my life is that there is a tradition in office that on christmas there is something known as the secret santa. They put everyone's name in a bag and you choose one name and buy them a gift which they get on christmas. So I have agreed to participate. I hope I will make a new friend. let's see.
Ninna has come home smelling like a baby from Dr Elizabeth's place. They use baby shampoo to wash her. She is such a sweetheart. I miss her when I m at work. To sit at home with Ninna by my side even working all day feels like nothing. In office sitting on a chair looking at a computer with nothing to do can sometimes feel impossible and alone.
Delhi trip was good. Great spending time with Mummy , Papa and Mini. Did lots of shopping.
I am proud of the fact that ever since i decided to use this space like a journal, I've been pretty consistent in writing. The importance that I used to attach to comments is greatly diminished even though I like them when they turn up every now and then. It's a good feeling to write for the sheer pleasure of writing.

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Gazal said...

hope you made a new friend ??

the vacation was like sex...short and sweet !!!!

when you say you write for the pleasure of writing...i know you mean it...

keep writing....there is someone reading!!!!