Sunday, December 14, 2008


I found my temper today as opposed to losing it. It truly tells me that I have grown older and wiser. This woman in office pissed me off as hell. She is thin and pretty and believes that she is God's gift to mankind. She has a constant smug smile on her face. She never says hello. Today she pointed out a mistake in my copy and when i asked her to call the person concerned to cross check she spread her hands like her fingers will fall off if she makes one call. What an A-class bitch.
Point is that I got really angry and wanted to slap her. the Parul 10 years ago would have. I have slapped people when I was younger. Today I just bitched about her to my boss and left it at that. then I had a big lunch and everything began getting better with my first bite of the delicious dessert. Although I am hoping that she will piss me off just one more time and I WILL slap her this time. What a bitch.

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Gazal said...

theres nothing like an little let out steam.

in school we have classified people into the following categories.

super bitch
bitch and a half...
almost bitch...