Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back to work

I spent the weekened plus two extra days at home. Dont ask me why. And today I am back to work and I have deadlines and what not though the dessert was lovely as always. I didn't get too much done and I am supposed to be working as I write this. I have realised that the briefs are much longer than the actual copy for an ad. Hmmm...
The post lunch sleepiness is coming over me but i am trying desperately to stay awake. OK I am exagerating. I am wide awake. I am just not working. I will in a bit. I will look out of the window for a while and then I will get back to work. If I worked half as much as I think about it I would be much faster than I am and I am already pretty fast :-)
Ok next post a lil later. ta!


Does it matter said...

My first boss once said these words to our group (a few people hanging around) -
"I thought you guys would be working hard.
But it seems you guys hardly work!"
I wonder what would happen if
- he were yr boss, and,
- he could read your mind (& yr blog)

I especially liked the part about your work speed and thinking. What potential!

On a lighter note, why are they called 'briefs' if they are long?

For that matter, why are they called 'buildings' even after they are built?

And, for that matter, why do you call it a 'copy' if it is supposed to be original...

Parul Gahlot said...

interesting comment/post. no one in my company knows that i have a blog, even though it is mentioned right at the end on my resume.
and about buildings, briefs and copy...that's just the way it is

there's a song called -that's just the way it is. I love it. I recommend you hear it and not ponder things that are just the way they are :-)

Does it matter said...

Yes, great song. I suppose you refer to the one by The Rembrandts..

Parul Gahlot said...

nope it's by Bruce Hornsby and the range. May be The Rembrandts paid a tribute to the original.