Thursday, July 03, 2008


It's been a long time and apparently so much has happened and yet I sometimes get the feeling that my quest is ultimately to just pass the time. Every now and then I get the feeling that that's what life is about- passing the time, keeping yourself busy and engaged in activities which can keep you unaware of yourself till you sleep and strange dreams come out of nowhere to remind you of an untouched world within.
All in all things are quiet and I like that. I am a big one for silence but even I rely on the television to drown out unnecessary thoughts though with a liberal sprinkling of the mute button. Lately when I talk to my mother on the phone I try to imagine what she looked like when I met her just a few days ago and she seems close and yet so distant. Her daily chatter filled with news, problems and good advice though relevant seems for a younger person.
I had a birthday. I'm 34 and passing the time. Fortunately with an amazing ease.


Divkiran said...

Wow...this is amazin...its like someone is writin whats on my mind...

Sigh!!! I wish i could draw more from life cuz it really has more to offer...and so do I. And still all tht is burried deep inside me.

Nice one :)

Sunit said...

Thought of Persepolis when I read this. Don't know why.

Anyway, happy 34!

Gazal said...

happy belated birthday...

"we are growing younger"...!!!!

it's called homesickness with a dash of jetlag,and a pinch of fatigue.

welcome back