Saturday, March 15, 2008

Little Notty

Ninna had a severe skin problem so I had to send her to the vet. The vet Dr. Elizabeth has a kennel in Um al quain which is very far from Sharjah. Whenever we go away Ninna stays with her. A filipino man called Jojo who is loud and happy like most people from his country comes to pick up and drop Ninna.
Ninna had to stay with 3e444444zxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ( that was Notty ) the vet for a week as she is on antibiotics, steroids and blue spray. So I was cribbing to Dr Elizabeth about how much I was missing Ninna as I work from home and she is my companion. So Dr Elizabeth offered to send me another French Bulldog puppy.
Notty came day before yesterday. She is unusually small and makes even smaller sounds. She walked very slowly and carefully only around the centre table. The next day I realised that she whimpers when she has to pee and potty which is very intelligent of her. She slept peacefully in her own bed the first night unlike Ninna who cried periodically her first night with us. Notty follows me sometimes but only for a while. She likes chewing wires, chasing the mop, rolling the ball and then getting surprised but most of all like all puppies she likes to sleep cuddled up.
Anshuman and I have fallen in love with her. Our guess is that no one wanted her because she is so small and gangly. The rest of her brothers and sisters have been taken.
Anshuman wants to keep her but I can't manage another dog even though she is so beautiful and I love her so much. She goes back tomorrow. My little Notty.


Gazal said...

notty doesn't sound Naughty at all.

looks like it is PET time on blogs(have written about it on APAAV)too.

Madhumita. said...

Hey, came here through Gazal's blog when I saw that you are from the UAE as well - is that notty or ninna in the picture? Adorable :) ... we have cats that we adopted from feline friends, would have loved to also adopt a dog if it wasn't for the constrained apartment space. Hope Notty gets adopted ...