Saturday, March 08, 2008

The gym

So I joined a gym for the third time in my life. First time was before the wedding when I went for 4 days. Second time was in Bombay after marriage when i went for three days.
This time I was reading this book called Secret recommended to me by someone I respect. I got so excited reading the book that I decided I had to do something positive so i got dressed and went looking for a ladies gym that i had seen many times while going to Megamall to watch a movie and shop as a bonus.
I walked fast and asked at least five people where the ladies gym was in a span of about 7 minutes. I always ask for direction sometimes even when i am almost sure i am moving in the right direction. I don't want to be lost and resultantly walk one step more than required. Clearly I needed to be in some form of exercise routine. Finally I asked a Mallu shopkeeper where the gym was and he looked like I was talking greek. The Arab lady next to me finally showed me the way and I had to ask only two more people till I finally got to the lift of the gym building. The building has just been constructed and the lifts were not working. It said- 7th flr- Ladies gym. The thought of climbing up 7 floors took out all the spirit injected in me by the book.
In fact by now i was cursing the book for getting me all stirred up about losing weight. Then an angel came in the form of a woman and called for her friend at the staircase. I asked just to confirm- where is the gym? 1st floor- she replied.
I was filled with many twinkling lights again. I went up and saw about 30 women vigorously doing aerobics to loud music. I signed up for three months instantly seeing myself as my former thin self at the end of the three months.
I went the next day and pedalled on a bicycle for about 10 minutes and then aerobics for about another ten mins after which I went and sat down on the staircase outside for some time because i just couldn't stand. I now go and loiter around for the first 5 minutes feeling amazed at all the spandex that can be worn under an abaya. Woman come wearing make up to the gym. There are mirrors everywhere and you can see how fat your thighs are or how your butt jiggles when you run on the spot.
So after that I push the pedals and count all the calories i am burning. Then the aerobics begins and I like the stretching at first but then the music starts and kilos and kilos of mass begins jumping vigorously including me. I always stand at the back of the class much like school so that I can goof off in between have some cold water and come back to flail my legs and arms around. After a while it gets tough to touch my elbow to my knee and kick my leg forward without actually falling down. My instructor has already caught me once and scolded me for leaving the class early everyday.
I check the time in my watch every two minutes. Today my watch just stopped without a warning at 8 am. In a way it's good becase that way i might just end up doing exercises for longer than 20 minutes.
I feel wonderful when I come home, freeze the livingroom and then take a cold shower. I love the after exercise feeling. I think that I will continue to go and exercise because the next two hours post work out feel amazingly wonderful and so light.
So I will go again today and hopefully exercise a little longer than the last time. Needless to say that I will eat rice and dal for dinner and all the calories will embrace me lovingly and reside in my stomach which is after all a very comfortable cushioned home for them.

PS Jamjar saw my work and will consider to commission me when they require paintings for business spaces and residences. All good.


Gazal said...

1.welcome to the EXERCISE's one of the few positive additictions one can acquire,and yet move in and out of it,at ease.

2.I,agree.The best abt exercising is not the melting of calories,but the feel good factor at the end of it.(the happy harmones which are released)

3.I,too like asking for directions and not going wrong esp coz in bangalore when most of the roads are one way !!!!(most of the time get duped by autowalla rascallas)

Sunit said...

Joined a gym. Went for 8 days. Didn't go for the next 8 weeks. Will go again tomorrow. Promise.