Sunday, September 23, 2007

The city of conveyor belts

It's been a long time and I haven't been able to write anything. I tried and many times wanted to write something badly but couldn't type one word.
Well it's 2 am in the morning and I am wide awake. I have slept most of last night and most of today so this is to be expected.

The city of conveyor belts

People move up slowly
People move down slowly
They stay still all the time
I look and look and look

I sometimes touch
I fish for the price tags
I try to keep the bag as I found it
It always topples over

I count the pockets in bags
I count zippers and thumb pins
I feel the soft insides
I smile at the shopping assistant

Can I help you?
I say- ' No'
I look at the reds, goldens, black, brown
and multicoloured

None of them are right
Sometimes the pockets are wrong
Sometimes the zip pullers
Sometimes the obscenely big brand name

As I walk away
I'm tired
and disappointed
I want to make my own bag

I can see it
The right color
The right number of zippers
The right inside cloth
The right outside leather

Unfortunately I cannot make bags
So I bought some music instead
in the city of conveyor belts


Gazal said...

Call it coincidence or what !!!

had a similar(exasperating) experience buying shoes yesterday,so much that have decided to dedicate a post to it soon!!!!

If and when you do...launch a line of bags...pls consider shoes,as well.

You are right,buying music is so much more simpler and hasselfree...if only we could....!!
thanks for.....u know what!!! :)
sorry for the long comment :)

Gaizabonts said...

one - you changed the template - just noticed it.

two - there is no such thing as perfection; like the Matrix, it is the world pulled over your eyes.

three - i did find a bag i could live with - with some amount of frustration

four - bags and conveyor belts go together, but otherwise i didn't quite understand this "poem"

five - i enjoyed it, nevertheless!