Sunday, September 09, 2007


There's a woman who calls me at regular intervals and offers me a job in a leading advertising agency then she asks me how much money I want. I tell her. It's always a leading agency and sometimes I am inclined to think that it's just one agency repeatedly going through my resume and deciding not to hire me. But for some reason a faceless face decides to rethink one last time and my phone rings and it's the woman asking me how much money I want. I tell her. Again. She promises to call back. Like always she doesn't. It's like something that my friend said about her- " She calls and asks how much money I want and she asks more than once and just when I feel like I'm having sex with my wife she doesn't call back."
Then she calls this morning when I am in the middle of a dream in which for the first time someone told me a phone number- 6381414. I am tempted to call this number but am almost afraid. So the woman asks me for a portfolio and I don't have one. I delete everything as soon as possible including e mails and workstuff. So there is a message I would like to convey to the faceless face-' I do have a copy of all my films if you'd like to see them and enjoy the blog'
Now I am looking forward to the perks of being a freelancer. The afternoon half an hour sleep during which I will try to dial 6381414 and maybe a handsome stranger with a deep voice will pick up the phone and ask me," How much money do you want?" And I will smile in my sleep because I always know when it's a dream.

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Gazal said...

please let me know if there was a handsome stranger with a deep voice on this number.....also let me know what ISD code should be prefixed to 6381414 ! !