Saturday, June 09, 2007

Some words

had to take an early morning flight last night so got up at an unearthly 3 am...slept through the flight. Came home had tea and slept again. Bombay was hot as sin and Delhi is hot as hell. The poor little ac in my room has given up and is throwing hot air.
SO the film is finished. DVD copy made. Mini dv and Digibeta will be picked up tomorrow. This film has happened so quickly that my teachers at NID would be really proud. Like a lot of other students I nearly always ended up finishing my projects way past the deadline. At the end of my diploma jury I was gently told to make sure I was careful about schedules and deadlines or else the industry would not tolerate me. Like a lot of good teachers they were right.
I managed to make good use of Ananth’s handycam and Navnita’s alive eyes and expressive face. The poem with little Nonie is the only one I really like. I haven’t decided my feelings about the rest of them... at least being undecided is better than disliking the film altogether which I did till Mukul insisted he really liked first I thought he was just being really kind but I think he was really being sincere. Now I think may be it's not all that bad. The film is called Some words although in hindsight I should have called it A lot of words. Heh heh.
I'm so glad it's finished.


ady said...

Congrats!! When do we get to see it??

anshuman kishore said...

hello hello hello

Jolvin Rodrigues said...

Aap "Some Words" ke baare mein kuch shabdh boliye...cheers!