Sunday, June 03, 2007

in mumbai

so I got here day before yesterday. Took an ac taxi thinking the traffic would be killer at night like the last time I was here. The taxi did not stop even once on the way. Went to town and shot at the Time out magazine's office with Mukul. Met Kuntal's daughter Meha who looks like a reduced xerox of her Grandmother. Had lunch and sandwich with Kuntal at a coffee house on top of Crossword. Purely out of habit went to the occult section and found that the only tarot cards available are beginner sets. Touched some books at random. I like touching books. It's a feeling which borders on intestinal excitment and cardiac thrill of opening a virgin page. People in bookshops are almost always very relaxed. I love that about bookstores apart from the books themselves.

Have booked a studio and editor for the film and will begin the process tomorrow. Will choose music from Mukul's extensive collection. I ask myself if I really LIKE making a film and honestly I don't know. While in the process of it I get strangely disconnected from it and after it is over I completely disconnect. I recently told someone' I am not emotionally connected to my poetry. I am connected to it while I write it but once it's on the paper. I easily forget.'

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Jolvin said...

wow - you seem to have more posts in the last one month than you had in the last six. Way to go...keep writing.

And oh - welcome to Mumbai ;)

Btw - my new blog is

Please visit it now that you are in Mumbai. :)