Thursday, December 22, 2005

Walking in Delhi

I walk everyday at 7:00 pm in the park in front of my house. As I walk really fast on the cement tiled pathway thoughts race across my mind. This is a park where I played kho kho, pitthu phod, chain chain, poshumpa poshumpa and campacola Goldspot for too many years to remember. I used to run 800 mts without breaking a sweat and now I huff and puff by the time I'm on my sixth round. My favorite hindi teacher who kept me busy doing school plays...making cartoons...singing...writing poetry and even studying. I recently passed by my school in a car on a wednesday. We had Physical Education day on wednesday therefore everyone wore white.

I think about Oxford book house that I went to recently. It is an improved version of Crossword on the outside. There's a fascinating spring like seating place. You have to see it to believe it. It is neither a sofa nor a chair nor a stool nor a sofa. This is the best way I can describe it. The best thing about it is a lovely cafe. Pity I gave up coffee. Another distinguishing feature is that they have a hindi Book section. Pity I haven't read a hindi book in ages.

Then there's the Crafts Museum next to Pragati Maidan. I bought two bed covers the last time I went there...watched the craftsmen creating beauty with their hands. I look at the museum which has some really scary large sculptures among other things. I always visit the overpriced gift shop...ogle at the lovely boxes and silver jewellery. Last but not the least I end up waving at every autorickshaw and it always takes at least half an hour to get one.

I pass by the new Akshardham mandir everytime I come home. The first time I saw it was when I had just landed in Delhi. It is a vision in light in the darkness and during the day it looks just as beautiful. I wish to see this wonder up close very soon. I hear it embodies 5 or 7 kinds of architecture. I wouldn't be able to recognise the different styles but I will feel the space and beauty.

Then there's my favorite Dilli Haat. I've been there twice already. Craftsmen and women from all over the country. All sorts of objects of desire. I can spend any amount of guiltfree money in this place. I bought the perfect black silk scarf in self design with tassles. I can't wait to wear it.
I always eat a masala dosa or momos. Last time I had momos they were amazingly bad. Actually there are all these food places from all over the country and still I can only trust a dosa. They also have an overpriced giftshop where I never spend a paisa.

And in the end I think about me... all grown up... wondering why am I always missing at least one family... why can't I have them all at the same time?


sinusoidally said...

I remeber playing all the games you mentioned. But what is that goldspot game?!!

I love Dilli Hatt too! I used to frequent that place a lot when in college and now when I go back to Delhi.

Parul Gahlot said...

Dear sinus

One person holds the index finger of all the players and says- Campacola Goldspot. All players pull back their fingers and the one who gets caught has to be the den. Now I'm sure you know what den means!
Do visit Crafts museum, you will like it.

sonu said...

yeah even i remember my school days how i used to make excuses to get away from Physical education classes.
Creates Nostalgia isnt it

sonal said...

parules- try the maharastra stall thalipith puranpoli missal pav bhaji fabulousss- my mum loved them.. biglove and happy holidays

kaaju katli said...

:-D Nice walk down memory lane.