Thursday, December 01, 2005

Delhi metro

I went on the Delhi metro today. I was so aware of the fact that I was going to be 20 feet underground. I checked the map. I bought the 10 bucks token and showed it's face to the scanner at the multiple entrances to the platforms. I got into the train waiting for it to make the usual train sound. Dhadak dhadak , dhadak dhadak. It made more of a swooosh sound and moved ahead like a plane picking up speed on the runway. There was a helpful electronic moving sign which announced the next station. A woman's voice repeated the same information. A sikh man unabashedly kept staring at me till I finally stared him down.
The train came to the last station. I didn't jump out of the train. I walked out, that felt truly alien for someone used to the mumbai locals. The level of the train floor is exactly the same as the platform floor. The floor of the platform is absolutely clean. The train floor is absolutely clean.
I went up the escalator. I dropped the token into one of the multiple exits. I got out into the open...and took a very long, deep breath.


Mukul said...

wow! i also want to travel on delhi metro!

jolly gabriel said...

London Underground is famous for its announcement "Mind the Gap" Because you have to jump from the train to the platform.

Parul Gahlot said...

hi Jolvin! Even on DelhiMetro they say exactly the same thing. Mind the gap :)the gap is hardly 2 inches wide.

Atul Sabnis said...

There is a good reason why the Gap is to be 'minded' on the Tube (uk). Most stations are curves and the platform height and the train height do not match. but these have now become concepts. Tube, Mind the Gap, Way out, Underground. Mumbai Locals - thru the years have had their own - rake, bara dibba, ladies special, fast, slow, asking the passenger if they intend to get down. Every transport system comes of age and develops a character - the Delhi Metro, i guess is just abt begun crawling.

oops! the comment is becoming a post :-P

Dan Husain said...

Oh! The metro station is two mins walk from my house. Has changed the city's perspective about public transport.

Was lovely to read about something that is so much part of my personal space. :-)