Saturday, December 10, 2005


I was wandering on Jolvin's blog when I understood what the 7 tag meant so here it is and I'm not gonna tag anyone but I had fun doing this!

7 things I plan to do

1.Create a beautifully organised kitchen
2. Own a Beetle
3. One day find readymade jeans that fit
4. Write the perfect piece of prose with the perfect end
5. Eat less rice
6. Add to my small collection of boxes
7. Start taking pictures again

7 things I can do

1. Read a book start to finish 99% of the time
2. Do Tarot readings
3. Sing nearly all of Suzanne Vaga and Madonna songs
4. Write poetry
5. Take photographs
6. My nails
7. Paperwork

7 things I can't do

1. Be an editor
2. Fold an ironed shirt
3. Not pick up a stray puppy
4. Wear red
5. Do a tarot reading for myself
6. Control my dreams
7. Resist all sorts of stationary

7 things I say most often

1. Hello
2. Where are you?
3. what re?
5. I just came to the conclusion that I really don't have any catch phrases!!

7 things I believe in

1. My family's love for me
2. My love for my family
3. There are no lines on the real map
4. People who help quietly
5. a sincere apology
6. Love
7. Myself


Atul Sabnis said...

it took you abt two months, but i am glad all the ppl i tagged did it now :) Thank you (and thank you Jolvin)

Anonymous said...

whats tagging???


jolly gabriel said...

Thanks Parul, that was nice of you to mention my blog as an reason for you writing the 7 tag post.

Anonymous said...

In 7 things, that you say often, found only 5...are the other two silent phrases?