Thursday, October 13, 2005


Lost my wallet yesterday. I kept it on a shelf at D- mart and then forgot about it. Considering I make no money losing 5,200 bucks was a huge blow. Ofcourse everyone at home was really nice about it. Husband said, " It's only money. "
Some time ago my friend insisted I needn't pay for my cold drink and I said , " Money is a bitch. If you're not careful it comes in the way of relationships." and paid anyway. She asked me why I didn't leave a tip and I said when I make money I leave a tip and now that I don't I'm a cheapster.
The more I need money, the more I hate it. May be that's why my attempts at making it have all been such disasters. May be if I didn't hate it so much it would come to me more easily. So I have decided that this Diwali I will pray especially hard and hopefully win the lottery or else someone will ring the bell. I will open the door and he will say, " Madam aapka parcel aaya hai " and I will sign for a cardboard box from Laxmi Enterprises. Ofcourse I will open it and there it will be... stacks and stacks of bitchin' money and I will call my husband's name. I will give it to him and say, " Now you can quit your job and experiment with your life instead. " And then I will wake up and open the door and the Kaamwali bai will say, " Bhabhi mein kitni baar bell bajaya. Aap uthta nahin hai!" I will think to myself..., " Itna accha sapna aayega to kaisa uthega!"

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