Saturday, October 08, 2005

Anonymous people

Yes it has been a month and I have not written anything on the blog. I didn't think anyone would notice really. I did try to write several times. I constantly deleted. My friends who are used to writing on the computer will know the activity very well.
You write one line and then you realise a) It's too personal b) It's not profound as you would like it to be c) You made too many spelling mistakes therefore broke the mood d) It just doesn't sound right in your head and e) Especially in my case it happens to be a fantastic dream you had which makes no sense to you so what sense will it make to someone who reads it.
I also realised that after recieving appreciation for the last post that I may not be too bad at handling prose either. The only difference being that poetry comes naturally to me... it's a wonderful place to express and sometimes to hide whereas prose is clear, concise and bound by rules and says exactly what it means and therefore I find it more difficult.
This is a public space as one of my friends reminded me and you have to be extremely careful in what you write here. He is right... which is why I will wait for another neutral subject to come to mind when I write next and I don't know when that will be... may be in the next few hours... may be I will dig up a poem or two.
Till then do keep leaving comments. Good or bad or whatever. As I've said before they always make me very happy. And thanks for noticing my absence. The passport people almost had me convinced I didn't exist.
I love anonymous people. It's always exciting not knowing although one hopes to know. For now they don't exist and yet they are alive... and watching.

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