Thursday, August 11, 2005

Universe has much to do

Once I was stuck in an auto rickshaw at Jawaharnagar phatak in Goregaon. A friend was with me and I was slowly losing patience. I started cursing the traffic which was getting thicker and noisier by the minute. A while later I noticed that the bicycle walas and the scooter walas were going under the barricade and it added to my chagrin. I told my friend may be we should get out and do the same. He reminded me that in all probability we won't get an auto on the other side.
I got more and more pissed off as I couldn't wait to get to my favourite air conditioned shop in Andheri and buy myself nice clothes. It was unbearably hot. Finally I started cursing my friend for having taken that particular route.
Very calmly he told me,' May be the universe has something specific in mind for you. May be it needs time to prepare before you get to the shop, like the right dress, the right size might be on their way and need to get there before you do.'

I shut my mouth and sat quietly waiting for the trains to pass.

I'm reminded of a poem I wrote. It has nothing to do with what I just said... it's just got the word train in it too. Enjoy.

Delicate issue of distance

Time is like a train stuck in traffic

Let’s never sit together in any compartments
Let’s never study together for we’ll both fail

Words will contemplate your actions and vice versa
Only distance can bring you to me

Distance that I will create and consistently keep

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