Thursday, June 23, 2005

Birthday dream

It's my birthday and I would like to write something profound but I realise that I have absolutely nothing to say... I slept for a long time in the afternoon.. that's when you get the best dreams and I see dreams everytime I fall asleep... best of all I even remember them everytime...
I'll just tell you about the one I had today...
I was going in an auto with anshuman then we stopped and got out. He gave me his cell phone and we parted ways. I came to this place with buildings on both sides. Suddenly a girl, my neighbour from Delhi gave me chocolate slice cake wrapped in cellophane... apparently it's her birthday. I'm surprised at first and then I take it.
And then I get thirsty ( in real life I always carry a bottle of water with me) I come to a shop which is a strange place. Everything is kept in the basement and you have to talk to the shopkeeper from a window on the first floor. I ask for water and at first he doesn't seem to listen because there are a lot of people... then I try to mouth the words ' Bisleri '. He tries to sell me all sorts of things... rice, chips but never seems to get to the water... and then finally another friend from school comes and yells at him which gets his atention and I get water. Both of us turn around and start walking away and I realise I have forgotten my cake. I go back to find one of my seniors, a girl from school eating it... only four slices are left. I try to take it away from her but she resists so I slap her and take my cake.
Then My friend and I walk towards home in Delhi and I take out Anshuman's phone because i want to call him but then I realise it's his phone I'm holding so he is without one... I woke up

Moral of the dream. Never forget your cake otherwise someone else will eat it!!


anshumankishore said...

You can have your cake and eat it too. You deserve it, if anyone does.

anshuman said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Parul
Happy Birthday to you

sonal said...

Happy birthday! Big love.